Google is planning to incorporate artificial intelligence into Android Auto. They aim to utilize AI to generate summaries of busy conversations within the platform. This feature could prove beneficial for managing group chats that are active throughout the day. However, its usefulness will heavily rely on the accuracy of these summaries.

Google has been integrating AI into many of its products this year, and 2024 seems poised to be even more intense for them in the AI realm. AI isn’t exactly a new thing, but when ChatGPT came out last year, things took a serious turn. Google had to step up their game, although some people claim they were late to join in. Nevertheless, Google now has AI deeply embedded in a multitude of their offerings, such as Workspace and Search.

Google is aiming to introduce their AI expertise into Android Auto, particularly to condense lengthy text messages. According to discoveries by the team at 9to5Google, there’s code within the Google app indicating plans to employ AI for swiftly summarizing “busy conversations.” As far as we understand, this addition would complement the existing feature that enables Google Assistant to read messages aloud, not replace it.

Alright, everyone, here’s the deal: Google plans to use artificial intelligence to create brief summaries of active group chats on Android Auto. Honestly, it could be super helpful when dealing with a flood of messages in a group chat. But the real deal is whether these AI-generated summaries will be accurate or if they might miss out on the whole context.

Here’s what’s going on: Google has been really enthusiastic about AI lately. They’ve been integrating it into everything from Search and Workspace to Pixel phones. They even introduced their own AI chatbot to rival ChatGPT. When that took off, Google realized they had to step up their AI game.

Now, in terms of Android Auto, Google Assistant can already read out texts. But when there’s a flood of messages, instead of reading each one, the AI will create a brief summary to keep you updated.

Artificial Intelligence is not Perfect

When the feature rolls out, it’ll show up with a message like:

‘Hey fam, I’m here to summarize long conversations using AI. Just so you know, the AI isn’t flawless, might mix things up. Are we good to use summaries instead of me reading every text? Let me know.’

I appreciate Google acknowledging that the AI might mess up the summaries. Hard to say how practical this will actually be. Imagine discussing weekend plans and the AI just says, ‘My friends are talking about sandwiches?’ That’s gonna be seriously confusing!”

The main point

It might prove useful for extensive group messages though. It could be less distracting for drivers to just hear a summary instead of a bunch of texts. We’ll have to wait and see when Google finally releases this. They’ve already included a switch to activate or deactivate it within the Android Auto settings.

And I bet Google will push AI boundaries even further in 2024. They introduced some impressive features this year for the Pixel 8 using their new AI model Gemini. It’s incredibly skilled at creating text summaries, responses, and various other functionalities. Gotta admit, Gemini is really impressive right now. Looking forward to seeing more AI innovations from Google next year!

Final Words

Alright, that’s the lowdown on Google’s upcoming AI move for conversational summaries on Android Auto. Stay tuned for more updates from Mountain View. Feel free to drop any other topics I should cover in the comments!

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